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Cancer is a disease that causes abnormal cells to grow. Unfortunately, it can occur anywhere in the body and depending on where it appears, the symptoms can vary. There are over 200 different types of cancer, each with their own set of symptoms. The word “cancer” comes from the ancient Greek word for crab or crayfish, partly because tumors resemble seafood under a microscope (supposedly), but also because tumors can spread outwards like “a crab with its walking legs outstretched.”

Whats is Cancer?

“Cancer begins when cells grow out of control. Normally, cells divide in a controlled way to produce more cells, which is necessary for healthy growth. Cancer happens when mutations cause instructions in the cell’s DNA code to go wrong.” ( There can be many factors that increase your risk for developing cancer, some of these factors include age, family history, smoking and ultraviolet radiation exposure. Cancer is not always hereditary, everyone can develop cancer because there are several causes.

Cause of cancer?

Cancer is not a disease: it is an inadvertent consequence of the body trying to replace old cells with new. Cancer cells typically grow faster than other cells and start to take over healthy tissues by dividing more rapidly then they should. There are many factors that cause this, such as genetic mutations, ionizing radiation and ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Prevention of Cancer

Prevention is the best treatment for any disease. Many cancers have no symptoms, which makes it difficult for doctors to detect. Some common risk factors include smoking, too intense UV radiation, environmental contaminations like radon, and certain viruses such as HPV. Fortunately there are treatments that can prevent cancer from fully developing. Lifestyle choices like maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly are important. Education about these risks or screenings can help detect cancer early on.

Age, gender and ethnic groups that have the highest risk for developing cancer

Men are at higher risk of developing some types of cancers because they produce more hormones which cause increased tissue growth. Being Caucasian or Black also increases their risk of cancer. Men are 2-3x more likely to develop prostate cancer and 10-20x more likely to develop colorectal cancer.
Women are twice as likely to get breast cancer, 90% of laryngeal cancers, and 60% of uterine cancers. Daftar Togel

Types of Cancer (in humans)

There are many different forms of cancer, but the two most common types of cancer in humans are breast and bowel. These cancers typically arise in the cells that line the inside of the organs associated with these organs. They can form because of accident or progression from other diseases. These other diseases, such as breast cancer can arise from a mutation on the BRCA1 gene.
Static X-rays are complemented with more advanced technologies such as MRI’s and CT scans that provide detailed images of soft tissue and bones. Togel Online
Digital imagery captures features much more accurately and quickly than traditional film photography.
The future: chemo-targeted drugs, vaccines against cancer stem cells. Toto Togel