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Why choose Adelaide skin&eye centre?

Welcome to Adelaide Skin & Eye Centre. Adelaide Skin and Eye Centre is located in Kent Town and staffed by a highly specialised team of dermatologists, oculoplastic surgeon, nurses and technicians, supported by an expert administration. Adelaide Skin and Eye Centre’s dermatologists are able to diagnose and treat the full spectrum of diseases...

Can I become a skin cancer doctor in Australia?

There is position currently available for Skin Cancer Doctors with long term vision and passion in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery. Those positions are available at both the Rainforest Skin Cancer Clinic and the Salisbury Skin Cancer Clinic. Doctors must have unrestricted Australia Medical Registration and full VR status.

Why choose the Adelaide Cancer Centre?

The centre has a team of caring health professionals and administrative staff who strive to provide personalised care and meet the individual needs of each patient and their loved ones. In 2020 Adelaide Cancer Centre (ACC) and Ashford Cancer Centre Research (ACCR) integrated into Icon Group.

Why choose our rainforest and Salisbury skin cancer clinics?

Our Rainforest and Salisbury Skin Cancer Clinics are leading treatment and assessment facilities, both headed by registered and highly qualified medical practitioners. Our endeavor is to continue to diagnose and treat skin cancers early on as well as to work closely with patients in the prevention of any further sun damage.

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