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Does Hoxsey Biomedical Center in Mexico treat cancer?

Luckily, the Hoxsey BioMedical Center and the treatment it offers is still available just across the border in Mexico. The cancer cure (known as the Hoxsey tonic) available to treat cancer at this facility is gentle, but effective (though no medical treatment for any disease is 100% guaranteed).

What is the best cancer clinic in Tijuana Mexico?

And finally, the two clinics that I like the best in Tijuana, Mexico are 1) Hope4Cancer and 2) the Hoxsey Clinic. If I were in your position, I would go to Hope4Cancer.

Where can I find a cure for cancer in Mexico?

And finally, the Hoxsey Clinic or Bio Medical Clinic in Tijuana offers an herbal cure for cancer. In my experience so far, the Hoxsey Clinic is the most humane, least corporate of all the clinics as well as the most affordable (although the Gerson Clinic also seems humane and relatively affordable too).

How much does a Hoxsey tonic cost in Tijuana?

The Hoxsey Bio Medical Center in Tijuana is one of the most affordable treatment options available in Tijuana. And one of the perks of the Hoxsey tonic is that is can even be mailed to cancer patients if they can’t travel to Tijuana. The Hoxsey tonic runs about $400.

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